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What is the RibSpreader?

The RibSpreader is a simple rib cage expanding tool for use during dressing and cooling of deer and similar large game animals. With one, quick and easy wrist motion, a lever design opens the carcass cavity and securely holds it open.

The remarkably simple two-piece construction weighs only 5 oz. and folds compactly for easy carrying. The RibSpreader allows for a one-handed operation and is not only well suited for free hanging gambrel mounted deer but it can also be used with the animal in almost any position proving extremely versatile in the field.

Unlike other designs that require a two-handed operation or the ribs to be held open while the tool is installed, the RibSpreader expands the relaxed, closed rib cage opening from 0 to approximately 12” with one simple wrist motion. The tool snaps into place and ends up completely inside the torso cavity to prevent accidental removal by snagging or bumping during transporting and dressing operations.

Lightweight steel construction makes it virtually indestructible and provides a powerful 40 lb. holding force for game animals from small antelope to the larger moose. Hunter orange powder coating provides durability, easy cleaning and makes it easy to locate if lost or misplaced.

Historically, many hunters try to make use of whatever is handy. Using the proverbial stick, length of 2x4, chunk of PVC or even beer cans won’t guarantee that your animal will cool properly. The RibSpreader replaces all of these items with one simple tool. It’s one of the "must have" tools for the novice and experienced hunter alike. It is truly a more effective and innovative replacement, eliminating the endless search for the ‘perfect stick’. Hunt for game – not sticks!

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Going hunting? Hunt for game, not sticks! Get the ultimate, easy to use with one hand, original RibSpreader - a must have tool for the well-outfitted hunter.

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