★ Proudly made in the USA ★
  • RibSpreader - US Patent # 9339043

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    The RibSpreader features:

    • 2019/20 hunting season special - Half price sale!
    • Hand made in USA Patent #9339043
    • Powder coated in bright orange for visibility
    • 100% hardened (44,000 PSI) Steel
    • Folding design weighs only 5 oz. and fits in pocket, pouch or bag
    • One-hand operation with 40 lbs. of resistance for max. holding force
    • A must-have tool for the well-equipped hunter.  Same day ship priority mail.
    The "The Paulson Ribspreader is well thought out.  It is compact, light-weight, strong, easy to use, and can spread an incredible amount of resistance!”
    - Greg Abbas, President of A-Way Hunting

    Ribspreader, Hunting gear, field dressing tool, deer & game cooling tool, deer & game ribcage spreading tool.

    Going hunting? Hunt for game, not sticks! Get the ultimate, easy to use with one hand, original RibSpreader - a must have tool for the well-outfitted hunter.

    Spiral bird feeder system, attracts Orioles and a wide variety of birds for the bird enthusiast.