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  • Spiral Bird Feeder-Double-Rocker

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  • Your choice of Orange or Black colors. The rockers unique self-leveling center pivot lets the feeder rock 90 degrees to simulate natural tree motions and discourages squirrels.

    • Rocker feeder is part of our Spiral Bird Feeder system and hangs from shepherd's hook, limb, eaves, gutters, etc. with 16" stem.
    • Assorted/matching color silicone seed and jelly cups are included.
    • Securely holds orange halves, jelly, or seed. See seed tray capacity instructions below. Almost any 20 oz. disposable bowl can be utilized for seed.
    • Attract a wide variety of birds using both the jelly and seed options for year round enjoyment.
    • High grade, individually fully welded, hi tensile steel construction which is powder coated for ultimate life.
    • All of Paulson products are hand made in USA.

    The Spiral Bird Feeder System is a unique and easy to use bird feeder with options for using fruit or bird seed. This is a beautiful and enduring gift for the bird enthusiast! Please check out our entire line of spiral bird feeders.
    Please check out our videos of birds using the spiral bird feeders on our product video demo page.

  • Spiral Bird Feeder System Special Instructions and Helpful Hints

    Please download our PDF documents that show you how to configure the Spiral Bird Feeder with a larger feeding bowl and tips on using different feeding options such as fruit, jelly as well as bird seed.

    1. Paulson Products Spiral Bird Feeding System Helpful Hints
    2.Paulson Products-Spiral Bird Feeder Increase Seed Tray Capacity Instructions

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    Spiral bird feeder system, attracts Orioles and a wide variety of birds for the bird enthusiast.