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Failure to place fingers in the gripping area of the product while the product is in use may result in injury. All four fingers and thumb must be applied to the product while it is being used. Please see graphic instructions as provided on the back of your product packaging or our website at paulsonproducts.com/p/instructions


This product is designed for adult use only. This product is intended for use by hand only. Use of machines or other devices to apply pressure may result in failure of the product may cause severe injury or death. Overextending the product beyond its limitation may result in product failure and injury.

RibSpreader's Limited Warranty

RibSpreader by Paulson Products LLC is warranted against defects in material and workmanship while owned by the "Original Purchaser". The "Original Purchaser" is the person who purchased the tool directly from Paulson Products LLC or from an authorized retailer, as evidenced by an original register receipt, printed confirmation email, company invoice, packing receipt, or other proof of on-line purchase. This warranty does not apply to previously owned products.

Paulson Products LLC warrants RibSpreader to be free from defects in materials and workmanship (normal wear and tear expected) for five (5) years from the date of purchase, except as provided below.

Exceptions or exclusions to this limited warranty are as follows:

1. This warranty shall not apply to any product which has been subjected to misuse, neglect, alteration, modification or attachments, whether caused by the original purchaser, caused during shipping or storage, or resulting from accident, fire, flood, or acts of God. This warranty is limited to the “Original Purchaser” for normal use, which is defined as acceptable hunting practices and commonly used methods of field dressing animals from antelope to elk. This warranty does not apply for use on animals other than the family cervidae/deer family.

2. This warranty may vary from state to state. In special circumstances, Paulson Products LLC may agree to repair or replace the product at their discretion, without charge and within a reasonable amount of time from purchase. Paulson Products LLC reserves the right to require any damaged parts to be returned upon request. Natural markings, such as scars, chips, or scratches will be considered normal characteristics and not construed as defects.

Any questions or claims regarding this warranty should be directed to the company’s Customer Service department. You may contact Paulson Products via email at paulsonproducts@gmail.com For faster response time, please enter “Customer Service” in the subject line of your email.

You may also reach Customer Service by telephone at 563-552-2093 or at 563-599-3711 (mobile). Business hours for our Customer Service department are between the hours of 9a.m. and 7p.m. (CST), Mon-Fri. Calls are also accepted between 10a.m. and 2p.m (CST) on Saturdays. Sorry, no Sunday or Holiday hours. To avoid long distance fees, email us at the above address and request a callback. Your concerns will be addressed as soon as possible.

Return Policy

Paulson Products LLC has a limited return policy. Returns will be authorized for Paulson Products LLC goods that are returned within 30 days of the date of the purchase, unused, undamaged and in the original packaging. Purchasers are solely responsible for shipping the item and all shipping costs.

All returns require the original sales receipt or proof of on-line purchase, and returns must be made by the original purchaser - defined as the party or entity who purchased the product directly from Paulson Products LLC or an authorized retailer, as shown by an original sales receipt. Any returns received beyond 30 days or in any condition other than the original condition will not be honored. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.

Limitations and Warnings

The RibSpreader product is designed only for use as intended. The intended use is to assist a hunter in spreading the ribs of a deer or similar animal while dressing the animal. This product is not designed for any other purpose. Failure to use the product as intended or directed may result in injury, including dismemberment, fractured bones and even possible death. Paulson Products LLC accepts no liability for misuse of the product and liability is expressly denied if the product is misused.

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